This Fortnite concept would make the holidays a lot more fun but, Epic would really need to be in the giving spirit.

As the holiday’s approach and Fortnite fans wait for Season 7 with growing restlessness, Epic could really make this a great holiday season by allowing full access to every skin in the game on Christmas.

Proposed by Redditor RaphDaPingu, the concept is simple. Every single skin and item becomes available for one day and one day only.

Just for Christmas day, unlock every single item in Fortnite (including default skins) for everyone, so we all could enjoy our day playing with the items we always wanted. from FortNiteBR

The chances Epic is actually considering doing something like this is slim-to-none but it would be great to dream. Christmas is probably the highest grossing day for digital in-game purchases as stockings will be stuffed with V-Bucks. 

So here’s the argument for why this may actually make sense from a business perspective: Samples/trials are a staple of many industries and, with so many V-Bucks about to enter circulation, Epic could earn a ton of goodwill from the community for a day and let people figure out how they want to spend their newfound currency.

Here’s the counterargument: Money = good, not making money = bad.

Something tells me the counterargument may be more compelling to Epic. 

A better solution for Epic to get into the giving spirit may be to just award one skin/item on Christmas day at random. Have the gift pop up on the screen and allow players to open it.

For all the money Epic has made on cosmetics, gifting one out won’t be too big of a dent and the goodwill they earn from the player base will be well worth it. 

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