Retro themes offer great throwbacks for older players and cool new styles from eras past for younger ones. This Wrap would most certainly never give up on you, in classic 80s style.


Wraps give players a way to express their Style via their in-game weapons. Ever since Epic Games added them to Fortnite, dozens of new Wraps have been introduced and hundreds of concepts have been created.

The community loves to create new concepts for Epic and the fans of the game. The newest one is absolutely sure to never give you up in a fight. You can see the latest concept on Reddit via this link.

Living it up in groovy 80s style

The 80s were an interesting transitional period for Western culture. Musically, the era was known for a mixture of disco and pre-modern pop songs.

A FortniteBR subreddit community member and artist wanted to capture the 80s in a Fortnite Wrap. Not an easy task, but they nailed in our opinion. The artist’s Reddit username is ‘easkate.’

80’s RADICAL WRAP Concept! With obligatory Rick Astley. from r/FortNiteBR

The Wrap concept displays a mixture of yellow and pink shapes along with a light blue background. It’s very reminiscent of the disco styles of Funk Ops and those cheesy 80s workout music videos.

You can see how the Wrap looks in-game with the second picture. It would uniformly wrap around the weapon and display an even spread of repeating shapes along the body of the gun.

Naturally, no 80s theme would be complete without Rick Astley himself. The concept includes the idea of adding Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ or a remade version of it to Fortnite. This is unlikely to happen due to copyright laws, but we can dream.

Such a Wrap would probably be released via the Item Shop with a price range of about 400-600 V-Bucks depending on Epic’s rarity for the Wrap. Epic has released similar Wraps as challenge rewards as well in recent months.

What do you think of this concept? Do you enjoy 80s music? Tell us in the comments below!