On console Fortnite, vehicle usage can be confusing and a chore due to a ridiculous design decision. This simple change would allow players much easier control of vehicles on console versions of Fortnite.

Console Fortnite has always and will always be a little behind the PC version in terms of performance. That’s completely fine and acceptable considering the much cheaper hardware at play.

This is why it’s been a heated debate as to why certain modes (including competitive modes) allows cross play with the far superior PC hardware and peripherals. But alas, this is not the time for that discussion.

The consoles already have a distinct disadvantage due to the performance, so why would Epic place a further restraint on console based players? We don’t think it’s purposeful or nefarious, but rather a bit negligent.

For those that don’t know, vehicle in console Fortnite all have differing ‘Exit’ buttons. Yeah…rather odd, isn’t it?

Reddit user ‘the7aco’ has created a great series of pictures which show the problem firsthand.

The exit button on every vehicle is different on console and it is really aggrevating. Could we have them all as one button? from r/FortNiteBR

After taking a gander at that mess, what could Epic’s reasoning be behind such a system?

We understand that certain vehicle gain minor benefits by switched the “less important” Exit button onto another button, but we would argue that the Exit button is quite important in itself.

Good players play video games using a mix of muscle memory, active controlling, and strategic/tactical thinking. When the buttons for exiting the vehicles is different for nearly every vehicle, the muscle memory part of the equation flies out the window.

Standardizing the Exit button would make a lot more sense and give players a level, normalized control scheme for the Fortnite vehicles.

Or, even better, give us a new option in the menus that allows us to toggle ‘Exit Button Standardization” on or off. This way no one gets ticked off if they love the current system, but the rest of us can finally use vehicles properly.

What do you think about this odd design choice? Tell us about your experiences with differing exit buttons and how it may have cost you games in Fortnite. We know it’s cost us at least two or three wins, minimum.

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