The Cuddle Cruiser recently entered the Fortnite Item Shop alongside the reintroduction of the Cuddle Team Leader, but the new glider could use a little bit more pop.


A lot of Fortnite newer content have included additional Styles to further make players want to buy them. Epic has even gone back and improved former skins with Styles.

So, why not Gliders? We use Gliders in every single match of Fortnite. Each time we enter the Battle Royale map, the Glider pops out when we hit the right altitude.

Styles would add so much more to our customization options and we think the Cuddle Cruiser would be a perfect place to start.

Reddit user ‘DreamingSheep’ has created some mock-ups of additional styles for the Cuddle Cruiser.

Selectable Styles for the new Cuddle Cruiser, so those with the other skins can match. Also, Polar Team Leader mini concept. from r/FortNiteBR

The Styles are based on the other Team Leader skins which have released at various times over Fortnite’s tenure.

This way, players that own the other Team Leader skins could match with their Gliders. It’s not fair that only the Cuddle Team Leader getting the love.

We have another idea if Epic does feel inclined to add them as Styles.

Perhaps the Cuddle Cruisers could change color automatically if it detects that another Team Leader skin is being used.

If you are the Spooky Team Leader, the Cuddle Cruiser would automatically apply a new paintjob to its fur. The same would go for the other four skins as well.

The Cuddle Cruiser is already a decent buy for Cuddle Team fans, but it could use a little more ‘something.’ This would increase sales for sure and give players a little something extra for their money.

What do you think of this concept? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter at @FortniteINTEL.