Fortnite Battle Royale is all about RNG, and this concept from the FortniteBR subreddit might be an answer to evening the field.

With the Fortnite v7.20 patch arriving on January 15, numerous buff and nerf updates were implemented including lowering the max amount of small shields allowed in players’ inventory from 10 to 6.

One Redditor had a suggestion to offer more healing options in Fortnite with his Medical Box searchable prop concept.

IMG: Turtiwilla

Turtiwilla posted a graphic with the concept, which would be a small red box similar in size to ammo boxes found throughout the Fortnite map.

The Medical Boxes would be scattered throughout the map, and once opened players would be rewarded with a random healing item such as a med kit, bandages, shield potions, slurp juice, or chug jug.

Another Redditor commented on the post with their delight saying, “HELL YES. In earlier seasons, it was fine to just search chests because there was only the small chance that you would get grenades instead of shields/meds. However, with SO MANY new utility items being added to the game, the chance of getting meds has been drastically decreased…”

IMG: /r/FortniteBR

Turtiwilla’s concept would certainly be an interesting addition to Fortnite, as there is no current guarantee of gaining healing items since chests and supply drops are entirely RNG based – besides apples and mushrooms which reward 5hp each.

Do you think a dedicated healing supply item, like the Medical Box concept, would be a good addition to Fortnite?