The map is one of the most commonly used features of Fortnite, but it hasn’t received any updates in a while. This concept would dynamically scale the map based on the Storm circle’s size and location.

The Fortnite map features great detail, names for locations, pinging, and zooming. It’s a robust enough feature that allows players to easily see where they are going and where they are. With this said, the map could still be significantly improved beyond its current iteration.

Zoom-to-Fit Map Feature

A new concept popped up on the FortniteBR subreddit with a great new potential feature for the map.

The user going by the name of ‘Deoxyribow’ made a simple sketch-up of the idea.

UI concept: “Zoom to Fit” button allowing players in the Map view to snap directly to the parameters of the Circle without having to use triggers or joysticks to adjust to the desired view from r/FortNiteBR

The concept would see players have the ability to simple press a single key/button in order to zoom their map to the Storrm’s current size and location.

In the legend below the map, a new option has been added named ‘Zoom To Fit.’ Simply tap ‘Y’ and your map locks onto the Storm circle’s bounds.

It’s quite the simple suggestion and we believe it wouldn’t be too much trouble for Epic to implement. As long as the engine tracks the current Storm circle’s map location and size.

How this would benefit players

The concept above would give players a way to see details of the map with a split-second button press.

Currently, players must personally take the time to zoom, then move the map, then zoom a little more, etc. This can take precious time away from gathering resources, looting, surveying for enemies, and other tasks.

The Fortnite map shows great detail to players when zoomed in – via Epic Games

The Fortnite map has a fairly high resolution texture and when zoomed-in, you can clearly see the map’s details.

This may not be extremely beneficial to long time players who have memorized every patch of grass on the map, but would be a great boon to new players.

Map knowledge is one of the most important features of any Battle Royale game. The concept would speed the process by allowing players to quickly zoom in and see details within the important part of the map at any point in the match.

Even experienced players will get great usage from this feature at the beginning of seasons due to Epic’s tendency to make massive changes to the map.

What do you think of this feature? Would you like Epic Games to develop and implement the concept into the game?

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