Team Rumble can be quite fun, but it’s mostly just players completing challenges and the end-games aren’t very well planned out. This concept would lean into the chaos and give Team Rumble an adrenaline shot.

The Team Rumble game mode went from being an LTM to being a set experience within Fortnite’s rotating pool of modes quickly, but the excitement has mostly died down.

The mode has not seen any updates in a long time and it’s not a flawless experience by far. Players respawn directly above their death location, glide in on attackers, and the cycle repeats.

The main purpose of the game mode has now come down to completing challenges and getting a little bit of practice in with shooting a variety of weapons.

Reddit user ‘kitteh6660’ has come up with concept that would jolt the game mode a little bit. It would also help the game as a whole, we believe.

Bored of same old Team Rumble? Upgrade to EXTREME Rumble for a limited time! Overpowered weapons! Zombies! Ultimate craziness! from r/FortNiteBR

The above idea could be tweaked here and there by Epic for the best possible experience, but overall…we love it!

Extreme Rumble would be the complete Fortnite experience with absolute everything the game has ever had to offer. With zero regard for balance.

It’s pure mayhem which can be have fun after you spent hours playing the more serious Battle Royale experience.

Naturally, some things would have to be changed slightly in order for the game to be able to handle all of the carnage. Glider re-deploys could still be limited, but maybe through an UI option rather than an item slot.

More ammo, more traps, Vaulted weapons, Thanos (provided that Marvel and Disney are down for it). It would be the mode that everyone could play ‘just for fun.’

Team Rumble is already a chaotic experience, so why not lean into it? Extreme Rumble would be an LTM that replaces Team Rumble for short periods of extreme mayhem…as long as the servers can take the beating.

Something tells us that ‘kitteh6660’ may just see their idea in-game at some point, in one form or another.