Limited-time modes allow Fortnite fans to play different modes that have separate loot pools or team sizes, and a fan-submitted LTM concept might be a great way to practice communication with your teammates.

The first Fortnite LTM was announced during the 2017 Game Awards where Epic informed the world that a 50 v 50 mode was on the way.

Since then there have been over 15 different LTMs ranging from Teams of 20 to Disco Domination, allowing players to have a fresh rotation of content to enjoy.

Epic continues to release new LTMs for players to enjoy, like The Combine LTM that was released with the v10.40 update on September 25.

On September 28, 8BitMemes posted a concept video for his “Scrambled” Squad LTM where all four players from the squad are placed at different, random points around the map.

Concept video for an Squad LTM Idea: “Scrambled” from r/FortNiteBR

To give an example of how “Scrambled” would work, he posted a video showing how each member of the squad would be theoretically placed around the map. One player would be placed at Pleasant Park, Sunny Steps, Shifty Shafts, and Paradise Palms.

All players must defeat surrounding enemies in order to fight their way back to their squad, which will obviously give them an advantage towards the final circles.

This concept could be a great way for squads to practice for the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series for Season 11 which will focus on full, four-man squads.

Would you like to see this LTM enter the rotation for Fortnite Battle Royale or do you prefer the current options for Team Rumble, Zone Wars, and The Combine?