Fortnite has had quite a few differing and creative LTM game modes, but this concept might just take the cake for creativity. Meet ‘Honor,’ the mode where you can recruit your former enemies.

The LTMs are a rotating mix of game modes that Epic does not see fit to integrate into the main game. The system gives Epic a bit of flexibility with wild new ideas and lets people experience a little craziness without ruining the game.

We’ve had Classic, Team Rumble, Disco Domination, and a few other, but never anything like what the community has come up with now. The idea is actually completely unique to multiplayer gaming and has only been truly employed in some singleplayer games.

The concept game mode’s name is ‘Honor.’ The game plays completely normally with all the guns, materials, and other features you would expect, but with one key new feature.

New Gamemode Idea: Honor from r/FortNiteBR

Reddit user “petroboi” has inserted a key player decision branch in Fortnite’s gameplay. Whenever you down an opponent (this would only work for duos and squads of course), you are given two choices.

Shoot the downed enemy to safely dispatch them and remove them from the game-space or close the distance to their downed body and revive them yourself.

You might be wondering, “Why would I revive an enemy?” Well, after you revive them, the enemy player now joins you for the rest of the match.

The Ice Queen – via ProGameGuides

Think of the ramifications of such a small change. A particularly crafting duo could steal/recruit enemies to build an army of ‘living dead.’ You could literally have your own army of White-walkers on your side…albeit the players do retain control of their own characters.

The only problem we can truly see with a gamemode like this is that some sore losers would naturally seek to sabotage their new team. Maybe this could even be allowed and considered a feature, adding an extra level of risk to recruiting down enemies.

The idea brings about a new way of thinking about LTM concepts. Player choice in multiplayer experiences is generally indirect and involves gameplay decision. This ‘Honor’ concept would add a layer of player choice generally only found in singleplayer.

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