Of all the changes Fortnite has gone through, the storm has stayed the same.

It slowly closes and closes until people are forced together. Lately some Fortnite fans have been proposing alternate ways the storm could work.

These alternate options would come in the form of LTM’s because Epic is unlikely to ever actually change such a core part of the game.

Yesterday we covered a storm that shifted shapes to add another wrinkle to the gameplay and force players to react.

Today the concept is a “Double Storm” LTM. This proposal from NexTimYT would have two separate storms closing at the same time.

Double Storm LTM from r/FortNiteBR

This LTM would be interesting for a couple reasons. One, as NexTimYT says on the post, would be for pro scrims.

Most of the goal of pro scrims is finding ways to practice the late game scenarios that happen in competitive Fortnite.

Because there currently aren’t any reliable and open custom servers, pros use Discord to try to drop into the same game at the same time.

Obviously that isn’t the most ideal system, but this LTM could actually help.

Because it is an LTM the player base and competition for a game are less so more pros can be confident they will enter the same lobby.

In addition, with two circles creating end-games the chance to practice those is just that much higher.

Ultimately to make this LTM work the two circles would have to be designed to come together, probably around one of the final circles and eventually overlap.

Still the unique nature of the LTM would provide interest to the casual player and could help out the underserved pro community as well.

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