Let’s face it, sometimes we don’t have the time to get on and check out the Item Shop every single day. This concept would give the busy-bees a way to buy content from the Fortnite Item Shop.

The modern world is a busy place and we all have constant errands and jobs to do. Whether it’s our 9-5 job or chores after school, we always have something blocking us from doing what we really want.

For us gamers, what we want to do is play our games. More specifically, we want to play Fortnite.

Well, this new concept does not eliminate your daily schedule, but it would give you access to the Item Shop straight through its own dedicated app.

The current Item Shop works so that you must get on your Fortnite device of choice in order to shop for items. Mobile versions can’t run on nearly every device and console/PC players have no choice, but jump on the game client.

Reddit user “easkate” has drawn up a concept art for a dedicated Item Shop app. Introducing the Retail Row App.

Fortnite: Retail Row App! A UI Concept for a portable locker & shop! from r/FortNiteBR

The app would be free for download through the Google Play store or the Apple App store on any modern smartphone.

The app would only have the simply display of items along with the preview of the item.

In order to have the app run on almost any device, Epic could even change the preview into a video format rather an actively rendered Fortnite model to save processing power and battery life.

The concept suggests that V-Bucks could be purchased to spend on items and the in-game Locker would also be brought in to allow you to view/show-off your Fortnite items.

The current mobile versions of Fortnite do include the Item Shop, but many players do not want to link their accounts/download the massive app onto their phones. Besides, many phones can barely run the game and start-up takes a long time.

A clean, user-friendly app could increase skin sales and provide fans an easy way to access Item Shop when they can’t be at their console or PC. It’s kind of wild that Epic hasn’t already implemented such a system.

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