Fortnite has a new strategy almost everyday due to the massive amount of players engaged in combat. This Clinger trick will let you pull a fast one on most opponents.

The Clinger has been controversial item in Fortnite for a long time due to its one-shot ability when you get stuck with it. However, the item has always been effectively balanced to mitigate its destructive power.

Recently, players have been running into some annoying bugs with The Clinger. Explosive damage is not supposed carry through walls to players.

The damage is only supposed to apply to structures, but for some reason, The Clinger can glitch out and damage everything with its explosive radius.

For this trick, we’ll assume The Clinger actually decides to work properly…as if it does not, this might end up killing you as well as the enemy.

Reddit user “thegamingknight4” posted a short clip of them using quick rotation edits and The Clinger to take down those pesky camping opponents.

new clinger strat from r/FortniteCompetitive

The trick involves the player sticking a Clinger onto an ascending stair block and then quickly editing the stairs to rotate them. This will flip the stairs to face the other direction along with the Clinger.

This quick-rotate tactic delivers any easy way to deal with players that simply refuse to move from a building.

You can even do this against a player that understand the need to build a wall past the stairs. Simply replace their wall with your own, edit a window or slant, and then perform the stair rotation Clinger trick.

The timing is extremely as you have to throw the Clinger and time the rotation along with its fuse. A good player with simply hop out the back of the 1×1 (unless they have trapped themselves in a pre-made building), but with proper timing you can root out almost anybody.

As stated before, the current bug/glitch which causes Clinger damage to carry through walls can completely mess this up. Be careful when using the tactic, maybe take a few steps back.

Try this move out in your next match of Fortnite. Campers can be frustrating, but you can turn the tables with this Clinger strat. Tell us how it all worked out!

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