Fortnite’s Back-Bling cosmetics are mostly static with some newer exceptions bringing pets and the like. This concept would bring in some additional reactivity to the cosmetics.

The first wave of Fortnite’s cosmetics mostly included static gear and skins without much in terms of extra features or moving parts. More recent additions have seen dynamic styles and other moving cosmetics like pets. Only a few reactive items have graced us in Fortnite’s history.

As an example, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has Camos (Wraps) that changes as the player gets more kills, assists, or other stats during a game.

Fortnite has had a few such items in the past, but Epic hasn’t released very many to the playerbase. This concept looks to be something we would absolutely love to see.

Meet the MatPack, Magical Resource Backpack

Reddit FortniteBR member and creator ‘EDMIRE_Official’ has put together a clean new design idea. The MatPack definitely has that “je ne sais quoi” quality that makes us feel that it has a real chance of becoming a reality.

The MatPack. A reactive backbling that fills with mats as you farm, giving the illusion that the resources fly into the backpack when farming. (CONCEPT) from r/FortNiteBR

This reactive back-bling would change along with something that we do every single game. Collecting resources is mandatory for survival in Fortnite and having a reactive Back Bling linked to your stash would be really cool.

The game already features a small “suck-in” animation for the picking up of resources and ammo. All Epic would have to do to make it work would be to slightly change the angle and make the items fly into the backpack.

Of course, the Back Bling would be more complicated. We really love the idea of seeing your backpack flowing with materials as you collect.

Enemies could also see the reactive cover of the Back Bling. It’s a bit of trade-off for a lot more style. Similar to very bright and shiny skins like Cuddle Team Leader, you will be easier to spot and enemies will have more info on you, but you will look cooler.

While the concept doesn’t show it, we think the later stages (500 in Arena, 999 in publics) of resources collection should really make the Back-Bling stretch. Maybe even a few rip/stretch marks showing the massive amount mats you have stored.

What do you think of this new reactive Back Bling idea? We absolutely want to see it added to the game!

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