Arena Mode for Fortnite has brought on a mixed response from the community and Epic Games is seeking to improve it. This concept could be the next step to entice casual players to try the mode out.

The Arena Mode in Fortnite is Epic’s response to calls for a ranked mode in their game. It’s highly logical for all players to want such a mode, especially from such a massive game.

The mode allows for two specific things to happen which improves the quality of gameplay for both casual and competitive players.

Arena lets players see where they stack up against the rest of player-base in structured format. In addition, the mode is the first to truly allow players to play against others of their skill level.

With that said, the mode is far from perfect with high-tier players experiencing extreme wait times and the lower tiers include no penalties for failure. This means anyone who grinds the game, even if they are fairly sub-par, can make it into Contender.

This concept would at least give the mode a bit more to offer, especially for players that might never have though about playing ‘competitively.’

Arena Mode – Division Rewards Concept! from r/FortNiteBR

Fortnite Reddit member ‘easkate’ has produced another new concept that would reward players for progressing through Arena Mode ranks.

The back-bling in Fortnite are easily visible to both the player and opponents. They mark our style choices and these new ones would let us show our true skill in Fortnite.

The current game state has no way of knowing what rank other opponents are when you face them in Arena. You know they are close to you due to skill-based matchmaking, but the exact rank is hidden.

Competitive Fortnite is having a bit of a rough patch – via Epic Games

Perhaps, exclusively in Arena Mode, the player could forced to don their division’s back-bling. Scoreboards and nameplates are not practical in battle royale setting. This is where most other games display ranks ie. League of Legends, CSGO, etc.

The current Arena Mode’s only reward is the ability to enter the events to have a chance to compete against pros and other competitive players. However, like we said above, anyone who grinds enough can make it into the events.

True, worthwhile rewards keep players coming back for more and could bring in a whole new wave of players.

Competitive does not mean ‘anti-casual,’ it means fair. Many casuals could very well enjoy the experience if they were properly incentivized to try it out. You don’t have to be the best to play competitive as you will always play against your level of players.

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