April Fool’s Day isn’t too far away and one fan has come up with a brilliantly brutal concept idea for the item shop.

Epic Games has shown a willingness to partake in the traditional day of joking and being mischievous. In 2018 they made a one-day-only change to the Impulse Grenades and Boogie Bombs that put a pretty hilarious twist on things.

While Epic probably has some ideas of their own lined up for this year, Reddit user chumplazma has an absolutely dastardly idea that would cause plenty of anger.

Epic has already let Fortnite players celebrate St Patrick’s Day

The concept is for Epic to make a number of exceedingly rare skins available in the item shop for a low, low price of 0 V-Bucks.

The catch is, however, that when players want to scoop up what looks like a free gift – they’d receive an error that says the skins cannot be purchased with an error code reading ‘4PR1L-40OLS’ [April Fools].

I know they’re flooding your feed right now, but here is my April Fools day concept! (Sorry for any rough edits on the image) from r/FortNiteBR

While some posters were receptive of the idea, others were not. One user, Dr_Soepbal, responded: “It’s April fools, not Satan’s birthday…”

Others decided to pitch in with ideas of their own. “Just add friendly fire back in the game for a day,” replied one user. While another added: “I just think they should do an Apri Fools LTM. It’s a complete crapshoot what the weapons are and do. Weapons are randomly nerfed or randomly buffed like crazy in the mode.”

Do you have any ideas of your own for a Fortnite April Fools Day prank? Let us know in the comments below.

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