With the main Fortnite mode getting sweatier by the day, many players are looking for possible alternative game modes.

The rotating LTM’s provide some options but usually are only entertaining for a couple of games.

Fortnite creative has a bunch of interesting maps and mini-games but lacks the structure of a true mode in the game.

Now players are creating their own LTM’s they want to see Fortnite adopt.

One recent concept created by CMCosMic is for a “Fort Knights” LTM.

Fort Knights BR LTM idea from r/FortNiteBR

The whole game mode isn’t entirely fleshed out, but that is a good start to it.

While you could just have players dressed on theme and starting in this changed map, the mode could be expanded into an actual minigame.

Each section could have a home base and players could get three respawns. Then the goal of the game would be to take down the opponents home base, if they did, all remaining respawns would go away and that team would be eliminated.

Teams could also receive some sort of bonus from staying in their own section like a set shield/health recharge as they protect the base.

That would make opponents have to be more careful before going after bases and add another layer of strategy to the game.

Teams of 8-12 would probably work best for this kind of game mode but the team sizes could also be lower and have more respawns.

Would you play a mode like this in Fortnite?

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