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This day in Fortnite history: Season 7 releases

Fortnite Season 7 released a year ago today. Let’s take a look back at one of the more entertaining seasons that Fortnite had to offer.



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Fortnite Season 7 released a year ago today. Let’s take a look back at one of the more entertaining seasons that Fortnite had to offer.

Looking back to one year ago, Fortnite Season 7 was one of the more exciting Seasons Epic has ever released. This could be a case of nostalgia, but it feels like the winter theme of Season 7 just hit differently than some of the other seasons we’ve seen.

Fortnite was still on top of the world at the time of the Season 7 release. Snow covered the southeast corner of the map, bringing us Frosty Flights, Happy Hamlet, and – my personal favorite landing spot – Polar Peak.

The announcement trailer for Fortnite Season 7 was also one of the most ambitious videos that Epic has ever released. The first portion of the trailer was a full stop-motion short, similar to our favorite Christmas movies of old.

Season 7 also marks the first time we saw Driftboards and weapon wraps in Fortnite. We got our first Overtime challenges as well with the 14 Days of Fortnite, as Epic extended the season to cover their holiday break.

We had a short sub-plot of The Ice King vs. The Prisoner, which did little to further the overall story other than to introduce the volcano in Season 8. This is where Season 7 starts to turn.

Season 7, as exciting and entertaining as it was, was one of the worst times to be a competitive Fortnite player. This was the season that introduced the Infinity Blade and the X-4 Stormwing in its strongest form.

Back then, Epic had no qualms about introducing meta-shifting changes before major tournaments. The Infinity Blade was put into the game on the eve of the first Winter Royale qualifiers.

Subsequent competitive matches were filled with players flying around in planes while shooting their guns to form a truce in the sky. We saw items like the Boom Box, Chiller Grenade, and Bottle Rockets this season serve as little more than loot-cloggers.

Then, after all of that, the Ice King waved his hand and covered the whole map in a snowy fog – pulling husks from Save the World to terrorize BR players.

Season 7 was a mess in terms of the competitive meta. Other than that, it was a blast. I can’t remember being more excited about a season than I was when I saw that Season 7 trailer.

Let’s not forget that Season 7 was also the first season to introduce Creative Mode into the game – something that has taken on a life of its own since then.

IMG: Fortnite

In terms of the meta, Season 7 might be one of the worst Seasons Epic has released. Still, it was full of fond memories. Polar Peak will always be number-one in my heart.

All of us were geared up for the holidays and ready for a brand new Fortnite season – one that changed more than any other season before it.

Polar Peak. Credit: Loot Lake

Fortnite was head and shoulders above the rest of the gaming world at the time. The Battle Pass was one of the better ones we’ve seen with the introduction of selectable styles and weapon wraps. And let’s not forget the thawing of Polar Peak, the Snowmen, and the brand-new landing spots. Season 7 was just, plain, fun.

We’ll still be playing the same old Chapter 2 Season 1 this holiday season, so it’s nostalgic to look back at last year’s theme. What did you think of Fortnite Season 7? Let us know in the comments.


This theory puts Siona’s origin in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3

Are Siona and the crashed ship from Chapter 1 Season 3?



The theme of Fortnite Season 3 is obvious: a flood took over the map and it’s slowly receding. There also appears to be an emphasis on fire, although that could be considered an additional game mechanic rather than a theme.

If we’ve learned anything over the past few seasons, however, it’s that the primary theme of a particular season rarely ends up affecting the plot in the way we think. Just look back at Season 2. We all assumed that there was a war brewing between Ghost and Shadow. In the end, it all seemed to be a ruse to hide Midas’ true motive: breaking the storm.

Those who look past the surface-level theme of Season 3 will notice a couple of things that don’t totally fit. We have the next generation of bosses, Aquaman, a new Coral Castle POI – all of which fit the water theme and continue the basic storyline from Season 2.

What doesn’t fit the theme, however, is Siona, her kit, and the crashed spaceship outside of Craggy Cliffs. All of these seem to fit the Chapter 1. Season 3 theme rather than that of Chapter 2 Season 3.

Well, what if that’s exactly where Siona and the crashed spaceship come from? What if they were originally from the Chapter 1 map – lost in space when everyone else was transported through the Black Hole. It took them a little longer to get to the new map, but they found their way, nonetheless.

Reddit user, Twitch streamer, and overall Fortnite lore expert, Koooooomar, pieced together both Season 3 themes using one, simple symbol: the one found on the back of the boots of the Chapter 1 Season 3 astronauts. This is the same symbol on the top of the crashed rocket from Chapter 2 Season 3.

What does this mean for the end of Season 3? Where did the ship go when it took off? Back to the original Fortnite map? We don’t know for sure, but we may be closer than we think to getting answers.

We expect the upcoming HighTower event to directly address the crashed spaceship. As was the case with the Ghost and Shadow war, we think the flood is a distraction from what’s really happening on the island.

As for what all of this means – your guess is as good as ours. For now, we can only suspect that Siona and the crashed ship left the Chapter 1 map during Season 3 – arriving on the new map in time for the same season. Are we still in the loop? “When I hear this again, will it help me remember? Or once looped, will I be just as mutes as the others?”

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Opinion: Cars brought the fun back to Fortnite

The introduction of cars has brought back the biggest missing element in Fortnite: lighthearted fun.



The Fortnite v13.40 update brought one of the most anticipated items to the game: cars. Players had high expectations for cars in Fortnite, and the finished product didn’t disappoint.

With one simple item, Epic solved one of the biggest problems that were plaguing Fortnite for the longest time: everyone cared too much about winning. For almost all of Chapter 2, the most fun part of the game was getting a win. This wasn’t always the case in Fortnite.

Since the implementation of skill-based matchmaking, Fortnite players got a lot more serious about getting wins. Late-game public matches mirrored low-level Arena games, with players boxing-up and trying to survive until the end.

In some ways, it seems like Epic supported this environment in Chapter 2. The loot pool was simple and unchanging for the most part – with very few items dedicated to having fun. The days of goofy plays seemed to be over, unless we were playing the Unvaulted LTM.

With the release of cars, however, we saw players focusing on something that seemed to be lost within the Fortnite community: having fun.

We’re seeing taxi services, fortified gas stations, car battles, and everything in between. Some players don’t seem to care if they get the win, as long as they can have a good time in their match. That used to be what Fortnite was about.

Take a look at this next clip, for instance. All of these players are trying to complete the challenge of driving from Retail to Pleasant. Just a week ago, it didn’t seem like something like this would be possible.

As the title of the Reddit post states, it’s fun to dominate a lobby but it’s far more entertaining to laugh your way through a match – win or lose.

This clip from SypherPK spoke to us. He’s fantasizing about how this Fortnite update would be if all of the big names were still playing the game. Imaging TimtheTatman getting run down by CourageJD or DrLupo hitting a moving headshot with a Hunting Rifle.

Personalities like these have, largely, left Fortnite, but we’re all still here. We can have these moments in our games with our friends. Players are returning to find that the sweaty game they left is fun again; all because of one new element.

Cars will eventually get old and players will start becoming more serious, again. Hopefully, Epic can continue to create lighthearted updates like this one and keep the vibe that we’re all feeling right now. Cars brought the fun back to Fortnite. Let’s hope that it stays around for a while.

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More leaked details about Fortnite HighTower event: “Coming very soon”

The Fortnite Season 3 event, HighTower, could be ramping-up very soon.



According to reports from the Fortnite data mining community, the most recent update – v13.40 – is the last update of Season 3. This means that Season 3 is on track to be the first season in Chapter 2 to end on schedule. Even if it’s extended by a week, it will be far shorter than either of the previous two seasons.

Data miners found some event files in the most recent patch, pointing to a season-ending event that’s set to get underway sooner rather than later. The first batch of leaks were largely comprised of strings of code. We learned that the event has the code name “HighTower” and that craters will begin to appear around the map. You can take a look at our initial recap here.

Since then, data miners have been looking closely at these files. There looks to be a rift that will begin to develop in the sky and grow over time – similar to what we saw with the first rift in Chapter 1.

The rift will appear either over The Agency or Mount Kay and should enter the game “very soon,” according to Hypex.

Epic have been a fan of hiding some clues in spectrograms since the beginning of the Fortnite storyline. We’ve seen several images come out of spectrograms dating back to Chapter 1 Season 4.

The sound of this rift creates an image in a spectrogram as well. All that’s visible is a shadowy figure, who will undoubtedly reveal himself by the end of the season – or at the beginning of the next season.

According to Hypex, we should also begin to see the runes appear around The Agency relatively soon. We could also see a crater appear near Salty Springs, a “crack in the sky” over Risky Reels, and a new HighTower POI to the south of The Agency.

Since this is the final patch of Season 3, this might be all of the information we learn before the runes, cracks, POIs, and rifts start to appear in-game. After that, we’ll probably need to wait for the season-ending event.

As far as what the event will bring – your guess is as good as ours. No one predicted that we’d be ascending to another plane of existence at the end of Season 2, so we’re not even going to speculate about where Season 3 will bring us. Send us your best theories on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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