This Fortnite strategy to rotate out of the storm is so simple, yet so brilliant.

We’re in the fifth month of Fortnite Chapter 2, but players are still finding creative ways to utilize in-game mechanics.


This strategy is so simple that I can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. It’s a fantastic way to rotate out of the storm while taking as little damage as possible. All you need is a rocket, a Harpoon Gun, and a partner.

Unfortunately, the Reddit user who posted this tutorial deleted it afterward – either that or it was removed by a moderator (we can’t embed a repost). The good news is that it’s incredibly simple to explain.

Epic Games

All you have to do is rocket ride your partner while they’re holding a Harpoon Gun. They will then drag you along with their Harpoon Gun while they fly into the storm. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, there are several ways that you can mess this up. You can shoot the rocket too high and your partner could miss a Harpoon Gun shot – leaving you stuck in the storm.

As a last resort, though, this is a phenomenal way to rotate into a far zone. It’s going to take some practice and a few fails, but I’d be surprised if we don’t see 72hrs try this in a scrim.

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