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This creative concept would bring dynamic weather to Fortnite

This interesting Fortnite concept would bring evolving weather to Fortnite with each storm phase.



Fortnite has gone through its ups and downs since the game came out. Following the v12.50 patch, we seem to be at a high point of the game, once again.

In the past month, Epic have released the Deadpool skin with multiple variants, hosted one of – if not the – best in-game events in history, and finally shown that they’re listening to the community with their updates.

We can only assume that they have something huge planned for the end of Season 2, but we don’t know what that will be. We’re already seeing some promotional photos for Season 3 that point to an aquatic theme for the next season.

Via: @FortTory

The only thing we know about the end of Season 2 is that the leaked Doomsday device will probably play a role. According to Fortnite leaks, Midas is working on a Doomsday device to plant on the island.

We don’t know much more about the device other than that. Reddit user u/williambash expanded on the Doomsday device leak with a theory. “What if the Doomsday Device is a weather machine?” he asked on Reddit. “Weather could be a random effect added to some casual matches in the core modes, and it will really change how some matches play out.”

He then created a graphic of some weather ideas for the game, each has a 1-5% chance of triggering during particular storm phases.

Via: u/williambash

Some of these are interesting, such as the Slurp Rain concept. This could be a standalone idea that Epic could add to the game – normal rain with a small chance of turning into Slurp Rain.

Obviously, competitive players wouldn’t want a BRUTE falling from the sky and sandstorms spawning all over the map. Epic would have to enable these weather concepts in core modes or in an LTM.

This is a fantastic concept, however. We’d love to see some of these added to Fortnite in one form or another – even if they’re substantially tweaked.

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Subway Surfers officially reacts to crazy Fortnite collab concept

A handful of notable franchises are yet to collaborate with Fortnite including Subway Surfers. Here’s why this could finally happen.



Fortnite x Subway Surfers

Fortnite players love coming up with concepts, especially related to crossovers. A Subway Surfers concept went viral recently and it was good enough to catch the attention of the developers.

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Subway Surfers is one of the most ground-breaking games in history. It popularized the endless runner genre and has been downloaded by literally billions of players.

Crossovers now define Fortnite, and here’s why a collaboration with Subway Surfers could be closer than ever.

Subway Surfers’ concept imagines Tricky as a Fortnite skin

Subway Surfers has introduced a wide range of characters since its launch, and fans love them all for unique reasons. As it turns out, Fortnite artist Anhel admires Tricky and accordingly, he turned her into a skin.

Anhel’s Fortnite x Subway Surfers bundle included these items:

  • Tricky’s outfit
  • Subway Surfers spray
  • 1500 V-Bucks
  • Subway Surfers’ Jetpack back bling
  • Subway Surfers’ theme song album

To be fair, this is a flawless bundle for any Subway Surfers fan. The mobile game has many elements that can be incorporated into Fortnite, and an official crossover is almost guaranteed to be a massive hit.

Subway Surfers’ official Twitter account reacted to the aforementioned concept and even tagged Fortnite asking about a collaboration. Naturally, this was enough to ignite the hopes of countless fans who love both franchises.

Subway Surfers’ policeman catches Jake with Fortnite’s builds in fan-made clip

It is evident that the Fortnite community is eagerly awaiting a Subway Surfers’ collab. Popular modder Brux uploaded a clip on YouTube that perfectly blended both the games and it already has over 250k views.

Brux somehow gave the policeman building and editing abilities who then used them to catch Jake within 10 seconds. To say the least, it was the perfect representation of a Fortnite sweat.

Brux is clearly one of the most talented modders out there. It is safe to assume that such content will become more common with Creative 2.0 which should be available before 2023.

Now that Subway Surfers has officially reacted to concepts, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the collaboration with Fortnite takes place soon. As of now, the Fall Guys collaboration has been leaked and loopers can look forward to completing Crown Clash challenges for free rewards.

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Fortnite concept art reveals amazing scrapped ideas for Sanctuary, Mothership UFO, and more

Fortnite confirms the design of map locations after inspecting a ton of concepts, and here are some brilliant ones that didn’t make the cut.



Fortnite could have been an entirely different game if Epic Games had approved some awe-inspiring concepts by Gervasio Canda for POIs like Sanctuary, Zero Point desert, Primal Village, and Coliseum, among others.

Artstation is a platform that lets users view countless artworks by some of the most talented artists in the world. Fortnite concept artist Gervasio Canda, who is a senior concept artist at Epic Games, is also a part of the Artstation community.

Over the years, Canda has submitted several brilliant concepts on the platform, and Fortnite players have been admiring them all.

Fortnite players feel robbed after witnessing the unreleased concepts for prominent locations

Fortnite is known for its unique cartoonish design. The island has a vibrant color theme, and there are several goofy elements that help the game stand out.

Players around the world haven’t really complained about the existing Chapter 3 map. In fact, the majority of the community considers the Artemis map to be much better than Apollo (Chapter 2 map).

However, players are also feeling a little disappointed that some of Gervasio Canda’s concepts didn’t make the final cut. For example, Sanctuary wasn’t just a forest with scattered buildings. Instead, the Foundation’s statue had a high-tech research lab inside it and a massive rusty ship rested on the shore.

Fortnite Sanctuary concept art
Fortnite concept about The Seven’s labs under The Foundation statue by Gervasio Canda

We currently have an empty beach near Sanctuary but in the concepts, there’s a well-planned village with several shacks near the shore.

Fortnite concept showcasing The Seven village on Sanctuary beach

The concepts have not only revealed the Chapter 3 POIs but also major Chapter 2 locations like the Primal Village from Season 6, the Zero Point desert, and Coliseum from Season 5.

The concepts are full of details and loopers are perplexed over the fact that Epic Games rejected them. They believe that the Zero Point desert in Chapter 2 Season 5 was rather bland, and Sanctuary and The Joneses in Chapter 3 can certainly have more details.

Fortnite Zero Point desert concept by Gervasio Canda

Why did Epic Games scrap the most breathtaking Fortnite concepts ever?

Aesthetically, it is hard to even compare the aforementioned concepts and the actual Fortnite POIs. A number of plausible reasons for Epic Games not finalizing them could be factors like map size, combat, storyline, and in-game mechanics.

While making a location, the developers not only have to make it look good but also place loot and other components that grant mobility. Moreover, adding heavily detailed locations could have increased the game size significantly.

Although it is impossible for loopers to ever witness the Chapter 2 concepts in reality, we can still get The Seven’s high-tech labs. There’s a closed bunker under The Foundation’s state, and players now have sky-scraping expectations from whatever is hiding inside.

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How to use Reality Seeds in Fortnite Season 3

Reality Seeds in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 brings loopers an entirely new concept of claiming loot from the island. Here’s how you can find them.



fortnite reality seed

The latest Fortnite season has introduced loopers to exciting new POIs and concepts that were not seen before in the game. Reality Seeds are one such addition that function as interdimensional objects just like tents, but in an entirely different manner.

With the Zero Point submerged underwater, it is finally serving its purpose by adding life and colors to the island that loopers have missed in the past. One such addition to the map that might be a gift to them is the Reality Tree.

The Reality Tree POI was added in the place of Camp Cuddle in the Chapter 3 Season 3 map and boasts a huge colorful tree that grants healing powers to loopers who land on top of them. Hiding amongst the huge tree are chest spawns, healing mushrooms and a strange plant bulb that glows and keeps moving in its place.

What are Reality Seeds and How to use them in Season 3?

Reality Seeds are a fragment of the Reality Tree that can be obtained upon breaking Reality Bulbs that are scattered around the POI. Once a player pickaxes the bulb and breaks it, they will see 3 floating Reality Seeds in front of them.

reality seed
Loopers can claim seeds upon breaking the reality bulbs

The levitating seeds will then slowly descend to the ground so loopers can claim it. Upon claiming a seed, it will occupy one slot in the player’s loadout. At max, one player can stack 2 reality seeds at a time in a loadout slot.

slurp mushrooms
Slurp Mushrooms growing around the sapling can be gathered to heal

Once the seeds are claimed, the player needs to equip it and throw it in front of them where a blue hologram of a plant sapling would be visible. As soon as the seed is thrown to the ground, a sapling will grow out which will then function as a Reality Sapling across matches.

However, loopers can gather and use slurp mushrooms, grown around the sapling to heal themselves with 10 health or shield units granted to them at a time.

sapling location
Sapling Location will be marked on the extended map view with an icon

Once the player leaves that match, they can spot the sapling icon on their mini-map right before exiting the Battle Bus.

If they choose to jump near the sapling, they will be able to see weed outgrown around the sapling that players would need to interact with, in order for the sapling to bear Reality Fruit.

fruit loot
Loopers can claim Uncommon to Mythic loot from fruits that grow on the sapling

Upon clearing the weed, a Fruit will appear on the sapling that offers weapon, gold bars, ammo and consumable loot to players. The loot tier begins with an Uncommon item type that loopers can claim from the fruit one at a time. Usually, there are three fruits a sapling can bear that offers loot to the player who plants it.

sapling status
Players can see when the weed will outgrow around the sapling and when the fruit is ready to be picked alongside the tier

However, if a player chooses not to claim the fruit in corresponding matches and instead just keeps on clearing the weed, the fruit will grow and evolve the weapon tiers, up until it reaches a level where it grants Mythic weapons to the players. Although, players can see the tier that the fruit is currently in and the time frame when the weed grows out on the left side of their extended map view of the island.

As loopers continue to figure out this strange new addition to the game, some are already using Reality Saplings as their primary spawn loot regardless of the weapon tiers so that they gain combat advantage over their opponents. However, those who aren’t familiar with the concepts of Reality Seeds and Saplings, a weekly quest is waiting for them where they can gather them and experience the magic of the Zero Point themselves.

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