If the storm in Fortnite closed in as a different shape rather than a circle would you be interested?

Fortnite, and practically every battle royale game, focuses on a storm that slowly closes in a forces players into a smaller area as the game progresses.

The storm closes into smaller circles until the game eventually ends. Fortnite has mixed it up a little with moving circles but the basic idea still remains.

This concept shows a storm that closes in but creates different shapes as it does it.

Via Reddit

The above concept was created by Reddit user samemmers2001 and it shows an example of one of the various shapes the storm could take.

By doing this it could create some frantic moments as players might need to scale a mountain quickly or something along those lines.

The game would likely have to indicate the shape it would be making when it gets smaller to remain fair but it would still be interesting.

Adding in something like this could work well in an LTM but it would probably not be something we ever see implemented into the normal playlists.

What do you think? Let us know if you want to see a concept like this enter the game.

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