Anyone who has an addiction to V-Bucks has probably felt their item collection becoming hard to manage.

As more and more outfits are added to the game, player’s collections are getting massive.

Especially with Epic focusing on having each new outfit fit a theme and come with matching pieces, having a way to organize the collection by set like that is a no-brainer.

DecLXIV came up with a concept that shows what that item organization could look like.

Set Collection Menu [Concept] from r/FortNiteBR

This really just feels like a cleaner format compared to what we have currently. It would also allow players to switch outfits easily from one set to the next.

On Epic’s end this change makes sense to add because it could inspire people to complete more sets.

Say they are going through the sets and they have 4/5 of the Hot Air collection, even if that last item doesn’t really interest them they might buy it just for the sake of completing the set.

The collections could be subsetted even further with all the skins introduced in one season being put under another collection.

Again, Epic’s goal would be to have people buy a skin they don’t love for the sake of completing the season collection. If that comes with a reward, even better.

While Epic is surely raking in money through the Item Shop every day, I’m sure they still aren’t quite satisfied.

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