Epic Games added Shopping Carts into Fortnite back in Season 4 as one of the first vehicles to enter the battle royale game.

Players were soon able to discover tricks and strategies with the shopping cart, like using a minigun as an improvised propulsion system.

Since other vehicles have been added into Fortnite like the quadcrasher and ATK, shopping carts are usually left to collect dust.

One Redditor, NicoManDoesReddit, had an interesting idea on how to make shopping carts a more relevant vehicle to use.

Another Suggestion! Allow us to pick up downed teammates with shopping carts! from FortNiteBR

NicoManDoesReddit suggested that in order to give players an incentive to use the shopping cart, players would be able to pick up downed teammates as a way to get them to safety.

The suggestion graphic would have players pick up their downed teammate with an interact key, however, it was also suggested that players would pick up downed teammates automatically.

This concept would certainly add a bit more validity to the shopping cart, especially in duo or squad matches.

There haven’t been any updates to the shopping cart since Season 5, so maybe it is time for a cart refresher of sorts?

Would you like to see Epic add some changes to the shopping cart, or would you rather them vault the vehicle altogether?

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