The start of Season 9 saw the default jonesy skin go into a bunker and leave with a beard down to his shoes and a Peely smoothie.

A new submission to The Block would bring that bunker he spent so much time in to the actual map.

It was created by Movie541, and features all the different aspects we saw in the Season 9 cinematic trailer, as well as some new additions that help tie it all together.

But the actual bunker is only a small part of this map. What really pushes this into the next level is the dystopian wasteland that Jonesy went into the bunker to escape.

With stone monsters and destroyed houses, this block would create a dark vibe that even the volcano doesn’t quite touch.

You can check out the map with a full tour below:

A block idea called The bunker from r/FortniteCreative

Unfortunately the creator doesn’t currently have enough of a following to be able to get codes for the map so it is unavailable to the public at this time.

With it gaining traction on /r/FortniteBR that may change if an Epic employee stumbles on the post.

Is this something you want to see featured on The Block? Why or why not?

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