Many features of Fortnite have been tweaked or even completely re-hauled since September of 2017, but the Stats page has been largely unchanged. This concept looks to modernize the feature.

Epic Game is always looking forward towards the future. Sometimes, this approach to game design bites back, but overall it allows them to be extremely flexible and content oriented.

One area that could really use some of that Epic innovation magic is the Stats page in-game. The page features a fairly lacking display with minimal information which has resulted in many players using external websites.

Stats on Stats on Stats on Stats

It’s natural for any player to want to know how they are doing overall. Tracking the massive amount info that comes from playing hundreds of games of Fortnite cannot be done without code.

Epic’s own interface for stats in-game doesn’t offer much, but a kind and creative community member has taken the time to craft a concept for better tomorrow.

Introducing the Stats v2.0 update concept by ‘easkate.’

Stats Page in Season 8’s UI Style! To Bring it in line with the rest of the game! from r/FortNiteBR

The new layout would split the stats into better categories and show more per section.

Standard shows wins per normal mode, total eliminations per mode, and total matches per mode.

Arena brings more in-depth stats for competitive players. The page shows everything from K/D ratios, Hype earned with placement and eliminations, average placement, and more.

General displays personalized stats that don’t belong into game type categories. Favorite weapons, weapon K/D ratios, Chests opened, headshots, building time, and more can be found here.

Air Royale LTM currently active in Fortnite – via Epic Games

LTMs would presumably include a long list of the different LTMs with 2-3 stats relevant to those specific game modes.

This is the type of content update Fortnite needs. While in-game content like new locations or items are fun, it’s important to remember infrastructure as well.

Providing players with accurate and traceable stats in-game means that players stay within the Fortnite client for larger amount of time. In turn, this leads to players playing more and wanting to improve their stats.

What other UI improvements would you like to see added/upgraded by Epic Games in the near future? In-match stats come to mind, for sure.

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