Right now the major issue in Fortnite is a distinct lack of shields.

Despite that being a core issue, we expect shield drop rates to increase in the coming weeks.

While Epic is addressing shield issues, it may be a good time to look at how Chug Jugs are consumed, and how they can be improved.

Following up on a post made by dj3dx that proposed changing Chug Jugs into multi-use items, Reddit user Coreythedesigner built a quick program to show how that could work.

As promised, I’m back with a more comprehensive guide into how user (dj3dx)’s “Multi-use Chug Jug” idea might work. Variants based on all of your great feedback! from FortNiteBR

This idea has a couple of benefits. One, it makes the item much much better to use and indisputably the best healing item in the game, which it should be as the only one with legendary rarity.

Second, with the increased mobility Fortnite has seen recently, it’s becoming harder to find an easy time to spare 15 seconds to heal. Often engagements see a third party gliding or flying in after a fight ends. That means the Chug Jug has gotten weaker in the current Fortnite meta.

Third, this way the item could be split among teammates. One could heal for 100 and drop it for their teammate to heal. Again increasing the value and making the item much better.

Now let’s look at the ways Coreythedesigner proposed for this to work.

There are six different concepts in the post including the current model. In my opinion, the best three are linear, brazier and segmented. I think Multi-segmented is too counter-intuitive and gradual is too much like a Slurp.

Linear makes sense because your health just steadily goes up. It’s easy to understand but I’m worried that it will be hell trying to fight someone who just is constantly sneaking in 10-30 hp whenever there is a break in the fight.

Segmented is great but basically turns the Chug Jug into eight mini shields, that may be a bit overpowered especially with the minis now being capped at six.

So that’s why Brazier makes the most sense to me. The exponential increase rewards players for being in a safe position and makes it less effective in the heat of a fight. The longer you heal, the better it gets and you can’t constantly start and stop healing.

What do you think? Is this a change you want to see? And, if so, what concept would you want Epic to use?

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