Skin concepts range from intimidating to hilarious, but this one may be the funniest concept yet. 

The “Cardboard Crusader” created by Sharktoofs on Reddit is a perfect mix of smart design and hilarious concept.

(Skin Concept) Cardboard Crusader V.2 from FortNiteBR

His description is “he’s just a fragile boy who wants you to recycle,” and with a face like that it’s hard to resist.

With back bling made of bubble wrap and a pickaxe made from paper towel rolls, this concept is exactly the kind of funny skin that would make it a hit on the item shop.

One commenter suggested that the face come in different styles in the same way Gingy and the Visitor did.

I love that idea because I can just imagine that funny smile becoming more serious as they drop over and over again.

Much like the Nintendo Labo, this skin would allow for a lot of customization potential.

The name may have come from a Roblox set that featured a cardboard crusader, or it may just be a coincidence.

However it came about, it was something I didn’t know I needed until I saw it. Killing people with that funny smile just seems like fun, ya know?

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