An ingenious Fortnite fan has designed a concept for a new Wrap that could be added to the game to reward players who are skilled with the title’s weapons.

First person shooters like Call of Duty feature gold and diamond skins for weapons, that are earned by players when they achieve a certain number of headshots with a gun, or complete other challenges inside the game.

Now, Reddit user BeastKiller109 has come up with his own twist on this idea by designing a Mastery Weapon wrap that he would like to see make an appearance in Fortnite Battle Royale.

The Weapon Mastery weapon wrap would be given to players when they earn a certain amount of kills with a weapon. For example, players could earn the skin when they find 500 kills with an assault rifle, or 100 kills with a sniper rifle.

Each weapon would have it’s own requirements for unlocking the wrap, meaning players would have to be prepared to grind the game if they want to get their hands on the special skin.

The new wrap would be matte black with grey accents, giving the skin a distinct look compared to the other colorful wraps that are currently available in the game. While the weapon would feature very little in terms of design, it would have markings that indicate how many kills you needed to earn to unlock the special skin.

Credit: /u/BeastKiller109

BeastKiller109 would like to see this weapon wrap added to the game to give players a reason to use different weapons throughout the game, rather than sticking to the weapons they are used to and like.

They also feel that it would give Fortnite fans a goal to work for over a period of time instead of the current Battle Pass system, where new challenges are released every week.

Would you use this concept wrap if it was added to Fortnite? What skin would you like to see created by Epic Games? Let us know!