It seems Fortnite fans are already in the Christmas spirit, with plenty of festive concept skins being designed and created.

Fans of the game are gearing up for the holiday season, with Fortnite’s map believed to be undergoing a winter makeover to tie in with the time of year.

Leaks suggest that the map could soon be covered in snow, and players have been keeping a close eye on a floating island of ice which seems to have a tower sitting in the middle of it, as it edges ever close to shore.

With this in mind, a Reddit user called wheatbread-and-toes has created a special Fortnite concept skin that they would like to see added to the game this Christmas.

Given the name Carol Crusader, the uncommon rarity skin would come with the description: “On the battlefield by day, caroller at night,” suggesting that in her free time away from the island, she would sing Christmas carols.

The Carol Crusader is covered in the festive shades, with her pants bright red with green accents, while her top is green with red stripes.

In addition to her Christmas themed gear, the Carol Crusader would come with a special style option, that would allow players to turn on the fairy lights that are interwoven with her head to show off that you’re really in the Christmas spirit.

Credit: u/wheatbread-and-toes

Unfortunately, this skin is just a concept design dreamed up by a creative Fortnite fan, and there are currently no plans for the skin to be added to the game.

However, Epic Games have shown that if they like a concept skin, they are willing to add it to Fortnite, adding the Tender Defender skin that was designed by a young fan of the game.

Would you wear this skin over Christmas? Let us know!

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