A train concept in Fortnite gained a lot of traction on the FortniteBR subreddit, and one fan took it upon himself to animate the idea to life!

Redditor NOJHD posted his train concept on January 17 with a picture, a layout of the train’s tracks, and a bulleted description list.

The post went on to gain over 6,000 upvotes and close to 500 comments, filled with fan’s excitement over the concept.

On January 18, another Redditor decided that he loved the concept so much, that he designed and animated a train and train station based off of NOJHD’s submission.

Animation – My take on the Train concept (spent 12 hours designing and animating the train and the train station) hope you enjoy Reddit! from FortNiteBR

SardarConcepts posted his 25-second clip which shows off a wooden locomotive that is pulling different carts ranging between a passenger car, oil rig, and flat-top cars.

The clip shows off different angles of the train concept along with a train station designed which looks to be inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

The creator also posted a longer video on YouTube which shows the train going through different areas on the Fortnite map.

Do you think a train on the Fortnite map would be an interesting addition to the battle royale game?

If you could add any type of transportation into Fortnite, what would it be?

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