The Block is an ever-changing location in the Fortnite world, but what if the location was turned into a skin? This new community concept answers that question.

The Block has quickly become one of gaming’s most iconic locations due to Epic’s willingness to display player-made levels. It continually gives exposure to amazing artists and fantastic designers.

Many of Fortnite’s location have a mascot skin or skin set which ‘rule’ over the locations in Fortnite’s story. The Block is a key exception to this, but this concept would rectify that problem swiftly.

The Block Skin Concept

Skins in Fortnite often draw inspiration from map locations such as Moisty Mire or Neo Tilted. The Block does not have a specific skin of its own.

What would such a skin look like? Well, u/JustShorm has created a clean, stylish look at what ‘The Block’ skin could be like.

The Block Skin Concept from r/FortNiteBR

The skin’s black and white color scheme represent the ‘blank slate’ of The Block perfectly. A clean and simple skin with a very sensible fashion taste.

A key feature of this concept is that only those players/creators who have their maps featured can earn this skin.

The ‘featured’ maps group is quite an exclusive class of talented builders. This would make ‘The Block’ the rarest skin in Fortnite by far. Imagine seeing this skin in-game or in your squad! You would instantly know that you are playing with a Fortnite Legend.

The idea is very unique to Fortnite and could be used in other aspects of the game as well. Exclusive skins for World Cup qualifiers? Top Arena players? Best Save the World players?

Some MMOs have similar ideas for exclusive gear. For example, World of Warcraft features ‘PVP’ mounts and items that can only be earned by players who perform well in the Arena (ranked mode, 2v2 and 3v3).

What do you think of this concept and its exclusivity idea? We’d absolutely love to see the designers of The Block get this sort of recognition!