Fortnite players encompass a wide range from casual defaults to sweaty soccer skins, but few have put the time to do legitimate academic research on the game.

That’s what makes this academic guide so unique.

Created by AIMER7, the guide runs for 23 pages and starts by breaking down how important positioning is in various games and how professional players are able to describe their position vs. knowing good positioning through intuition.

AIMER7 is a former Overwatch player who was ranked highly as both a Tracer and a Soldier before giving up the game. His guide serves as an overview and focuses a lot on first-person shooters (FPS) but he also spends some time talking about third-person shooters (TPS) like Fortnite.

In addition, many of the concepts are universal or easily applied to the other genre so Fortnite players can find a lot of useful information in the report.

Ending the introduction, the author writes that a good player of outdoor games with a higher time to kill like Fortnite, Overwatch or Apex Legends will likely get more out of this report than good players of close-quartered quick to kill games like CS:GO or Rainbow Six: Seige.

The report is titled “Heuristic about geometric positioning.” Heuristic is a term that defines “an approach to problem-solving that employs a practical method.”

Heuristic about geometric positioning and applications from r/FortniteCompetitive

In this case, what the document means is that it will provide problems that arise in the positioning for online shooters, define those problems and provide solutions to them.

The body of the document contains nine separate problems that are common in both FPS and TPS titles. They are, in order: The Infinite Wall, The Corner Case, Behind The Corner, Engaging The Rock, The Opening, The High Ground of Low Height, The High Ground of High Height, The High Ground With Corner, and The Slope.

Each is a unique situation that players will recognize. After identifying the problem AIMER7 then provides solutions to each issue. The document provides a great resource for people who are already skilled at Fortnite but are looking to improve and refine their decision making in these complicated situations.

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