While most of the Fortnite audience probably wasn’t alive during the days of 8-Bit video games, they still trigger some nostalgia. 

Back when people were playing games like this, they probably never could have imagined that one day games like Fortnite would be possible.

YouTube animation account Gamology decided to remake Fortnite in the classic arcade style. Here’s the result:

The video combines the map feel of classic Super Mario Bros with the shooting animations from games like Asteroids with a true Fortnite vibe.

The video covers every aspect of a Fortnite game from dropping in, to collecting resources, to hiding in bushes. Towards the end of the experience, the player rides a rocket and fights the grand boss, an 8-Bit John Wick.

While this is obviously just an animation and not an actual game, with longer levels this could actually be a lot of fun. They could even add in a timer that runs through the whole thing that could simulate the circle closing to add another layer of difficulty.

Would you be playing an 8-Bit Fortnite?

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