Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer event has reached it’s second to last day, which means there is a newly unvaulted weapon for 24 hours.

There have been 12 weapons that have been unvaulted for each day of the summertime event.


So far players have been able to enjoy weapons like the double barrel shotgun and tactical machine gun, but now it is time for a new gun for players to briefly play with.

July 7’s unvaulted weapon is the bolt action sniper rifle.

Bolt action sniper rifle

The bolt action sniper was first introduced in Fortnite with patch v1.7, but it was eventually vaulted in Season 7 in order to make room for new sniper variants.

Players will get to briefly enjoy one of Fortnite’s original weapons. Since the bolt action snipers vaulting, different snipers like the heavy and suppressed have been introduced.

Fans will probably gravitate towards different snipers, but this weapon is certainly great for pulling off sick snipe clips to share with friends.

14 Days of Summer challenges

The 14 Days of Summer in-game challenge reaches it’s final day on Monday, July 8.

Make sure to collect and complete the available challenges in order to collect special event-exclusive rewards.

Here is a list of the currently available 14 Days of Summer challenges:

Are you waiting to complete each challenge until they are all available, or waiting until the last day to binge?