Epic Games has released the third Season 10 teaser image as we continue to get closer and closer to season’s end.

In order to hype up the next Season and give players a few sneak peaks, Epic is once again teasing Season 10 images prior to the season’s launch. So far, we’ve seen an image depicting the return of a beloved location and a hint at the return of the Season 4 Visitor.

On July 30, Epic released the third teaser image of the new season. Similarly to the other two, it suggests Season 10 will be situated in the past.

Third Fortnite Season 10 teaser released

As with the other teasers, the third image released at 10AM EST. Epic posted the picture to the official Fortnite Twitter account.

As we can see Drift on the right of the image, the notion of a “mash-up season” becomes more and more plausible. Of course, Epic will offer entirely new content as well, but it seems they want to create compilation season of sorts to allow all players, old and new, to experience the best of every previous season.

The tension builds as we get more details of what we can expect in Season 10. The past will surely play a major role in the season as all images have been linked to previous seasons. This could mean the return of more old locations, skins, and even mechanics as Epic seeks to mix things up once more.

Another thing that seems to be evident as this point is the branding for the season. Instead of the typical numbered format, each image hints at the name ‘Season X’. The change in formatting is fitting as we hit the double-digits seasons.

Depending on what the season brings, this could Fortnite’s most impactful release in a long time. Season 9 certainly added a ton of new content, but the map changes were fairly tame. If the future and past are colliding onto a single map, significant damage could be dealt as the locations collide.

We would also not surprised in the slightest if Epic wanted to bring back a older Fortnite ‘feel’ to the game. Season 3 and 4 featured slower and more methodical gameplay as opposed to the lighting fast building of today. Of course, the mechanics were all there, but the playerbase has gotten much better at building in the past year and a half.

No major leaks have come out for Season 10 as of yet as we wait for the encrypted files to begin to open up. We’ll continue to report on any new information as it releases. You can expect the Battle Pass skins to leak at the very least before the launch of Season X.

What are you most looking forward to with Season 10? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. If they release older skins that the OGs worked for and new players can just get them like that, I will literally destroy epic games, because the OG players had to play the game and be this loyal to the game in order to just get a chance to get the skins, and overtime wasn’t even a thing until Apex rolled around. Also the game itself said seasons ago that this content would NEVER AGAIN be available to get later on, but when I played in season 5 I didn’t expect a SUMMER version of Drift, and now, in the teaser image, ANOTHER version of Drift as well! If this happens I hope the content is exclusively released for people like myself who experienced the initial release of the ENTIRE BATTLE PASS SYSTEM in Season 2!


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