Upgrade stations might be the most underutilized features in Fortnite Chapter 2. Here’s how to fix them.

Fortnite Chapter 2 introduced a host of new features to the game. We got fishing, swimming, boat travel, and XP rewards to name a few.

Epic also added Upgrade Stations, which seemed to be game-changing upon first glance. Once you started playing with them, though, you noticed that there wasn’t much of a reason to use an Upgrade Station at all.

The number of materials it costs to upgrade a weapon is far too high. No one wants to sacrifice so many materials for a few extra points of damage. The only exceptions are when upgrading a blue pump if you have the circle and upgrading from a gray AR or shotgun. That’s far too niche, in my opinion.

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There are a few ways to make Upgrade Stations more useful, however. The first one is obvious: lower the material requirement for high-level upgrades. This would make powerful weapons a lot more common and would give players a reason to search for an Upgrade Station.

Some players on Reddit have also made suggestions regarding Upgrade Stations. This one, from user u/yosefschwartz26, would allow us to cash-in our weapons for materials.

This suggestion would bring Upgrade Stations back and would allow you to make the decision on whether or not you want to trade down for more materials. Players who had to run from the first storm could get some easy mats by grabbing an extra green pistol on their way out of town.

The next suggestion from u/HyPerionFire allows us to upgrade shields. You can take two minis to an Upgrade Station and grab a big pot for your troubles.

Shields tend to be a bit scarce in Fortnite Chapter 2. Minis always seem to be easier to find, though, so this change would let more players reach 200 HP while removing some RNG.

Too many shield upgrades might be a bit overpowered, though. Epic should probably add a material cost to this one if they consider the update.

Overall, Upgrade Stations have been a bit underwhelming in Fortnite Chapter 2. Let’s not forget that Vending Machines were nearly useless upon their release as well. Epic will likely make some adjustments to the Vending Machines for Season 2, and these suggestions may make their way into the game.

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