These simple changes to Fortnite’s Hand Cannon could help it feel less overpowered.

Fortnite’s Hand Cannon has always been a controversial weapon.

When it first launched it was a powerful alternative to the Revolver that inadvertently might have led to the Revolver entering the vault.

The Hand Cannon uses Heavy ammo, like a sniper, and is able to be used as a long-ranged weapon.

This has created issues within the community because of its power and the fact that it can be used in pretty much all areas of the game.

Members of the Fortnite community have called for a nerf or even the outright removal of the Hand Cannon, meaning it’s not without major issues.

There are numerous things that can be done to fix this problem, such as giving it a nerf to damage.

A recent Dexerto post suggested lowering the accuracy at long range, which would make it a lot more situational.

Not only does the Hand Cannon deal significant damage to enemy players but it also deals major damage to structures.

Nerfing the damage to players but keeping its damage to structures seem like it’d be a fair balance.

It’d be worth it to still keep the weapon in your inventory as a bunker buster while it could also do damage in the right hands.

What do you think about the Hand Cannon? Does it need a nerf or is it fine as it is? Let us know.

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