When thinking about classic Call of Duty maps, some stand out as the most popular.

Many 1v1’s were settled on Rust and Shipyard. Crazy trick shots were thrown down on Estate and Hijacked.

But Terminal may have been the favorite of all, and now a recreation is available in Fortnite.

Terminal received mainstream press attention as the setting for one of CoD’s most controversial missions that had many civilians killed as the player was posing as one of the enemies in the game.

Still, the map itself featured many great points of interest. The airplane was awesome close quartered combat and – using glitches – players could reach the top of the tail fin for trick shots.

Because of the maps beloved history from MW2, many people have recreated it in Fortnite’s creative mode. The maps below are all different unique creations and available to play.

The maps are pretty spot on, except for one key area: the plane. Thanks to Fortnite’s blocky art style, creating the rounded edges of a commercial airplane proved very difficult.

Besides that small concession, these maps are sure to trigger some solid MW2 nostalgia in most players.

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