Proximity Mines are now in Fortnite. These tricks might make them too powerful.

Fortnite v12.10 is out now, bringing us a long list of expectations in the form of leaked events, LTMs, helicopters, new weapons, and a lot more.


On its surface, however, the update only did a few things: added Llamas back to Battle Royale and brought the Proximity Mine into the game.

The Proximity Mine only does 50 damage to a player, but they stack up to six. This means that you can place four of them in a particular location to, effectively, one-shot an opponent.

These items are still new, so we’ve yet to see how players will react when they expect Proximity Mines to be on the ground. For now, though, they seem pretty powerful.

The damage might not be anything breathtaking, but Proximity Mines also mark an opponent’s location. Once you tag an enemy with one, you can see where they are and run to finish the kill.

This feature, alone, makes the Proximity Mines worth carrying. When you add this must-know trick to the mines, they become one of the most powerful explosives in Fortnite.

You can’t throw the Proximity Mines very far, but you can get them to fly once they’re on the ground. The Fortnite exploit king, Orange Guy, found a few ways to push Proximity Mines away from you and get them to explode on an enemy.

You can shoot the mines, pickaxe the mines, or do a combination of both to push them several meters away and ensure that they hit your target.

C4 will probably do a better job in these scenarios, but this ability on top of all of the inherent benefits of the mines makes the latter more powerful. You can also send the mines further than C4 will travel.

Again, we’ll have to wait and see how the Proximity Mines shake out once more players have a chance to use them. Early testing shows that they might be a tad too versatile, however.

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