All we want for Christmas is a Fortnite land vehicle. These two concepts might fit the bill.

Mobility is a hot topic in Fortnite, right now. Some players like the way things are, while others miss the high-flying days of Seasons 9 and 10.

Running from the storm remains an issue in Fortnite – with the only vehicle being a boat that doesn’t effectively drive on land. Here are a couple of solutions to the current mobility problem.

Sea Plane

I know what you’re thinking: we tried this before and it failed. The X-4 Stormwing was one of the worst vehicles Epic ever introduced to the game – but that plane could smash through structures and shoot people.

According to u/Updatesfbr – who posted this concept – this plane won’t have any guns, missiles, or boosts.

I included this one first because there are a few problems with it. Competitively, a plane is still going to cause players to stay in the sky while everyone else is on the ground. There are two ways to combat this, though.

Firstly, you could make the plane have very low health. Another suggestion is that Epic could make it have high health but force players to land the plane – as in, they don’t re-deploy if they jump out.

This one is a bit more far-fetched, but it’s one plausible idea.


This concept by u/ExoBoots is a much more practical one and even incorporates some map changes. In this creation, the map will be covered with snow, the rivers will freeze, and boats will be rendered useless.

Enter: the Snowmobile. This looks to work like a Quad Crasher and can even be outfitted to fit more than two people.

This concept would fit into a snowy Fortnite, even if boats are still in the game. The Snowmobile can be a two-seat alternative to boats that actually drive on land.

I think it’s clear that we need a land vehicle in Fortnite – wherever you stand on the mobility debate. The boat hardly functions on land and can get tripped-up by a small hill.

What do you want the first Fortnite Chapter 2 land vehicle to be? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I think a fair and balanced one would be a vehicle that can alternate between land, water and air that has 10,000 HP and has rockets (100 DMG per hit, infinite ammo), a shotgun (150 DMG per hit, infinite ammo), a sniper (500 DMG, pierces through players, infinite ammo), a laser (999 DPS, hits 6 times a second, infinite ammo), and has infinite boost that can destroy anything in its path (10,000 DMG to structures, 175 to players).

  2. I think we should add rifts back in to the game but make them spawn you higher in the air so you can go now its a faster way to get out of the Strom and it’s not giving you an advantage like a brute with weapons that are overpowered

  3. Or we could do something like in fortnite China where you have a Strom sheild but when it runs out it does bigger damage to your health


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