There are two ways to carry extra items in Fortnite. One involves a Harpoon Gun and the other is the result of an exploit.

Fortnite – like all Battle Royale games – is largely about looting. You have to make some tough decisions in nearly every Fortnite match. Should you carry two healing items? Do you want a sniper? Do you need an SMG?


If only we had a way to carry an additional item for no extra cost. Well, there are two ways to accomplish this. One of them involves a longstanding Harpoon Gun strategy and the other is taking advantage of an exploit.

Harpoon Gun strategy

The first way to carry an extra item is already known to a lot of Fortnite players. You can use a Harpoon Gun to bring items with you without wasting a charge.

This is best utilized while fishing. You can keep your Harpoon Gun while collecting your fish as you move from location to location.

Of course, this works with a fishing rod as well, but it’s far slower and less consistent. Using a Harpoon Gun makes everything much quicker.

As if you needed another reason to carry a Harpoon Gun.

Boat exploit

This next strategy is actually an exploit, and will likely be patched in an upcoming content update. The Fortnite team usually takes a break for the holidays, though, so you can probably use it for another month or so.

For some reason, when you switch to the driver’s seat of a boat, you can quickly pick up an item to trigger an exploit. After that, get off the boat and pick up whichever item you dropped. You’ll now be able to carry six inventory slots.

Orange Guy on YouTube always has the latest Fortnite tips and exploits. This strategy doesn’t make too much sense for weapons but would work wonders if you’re stacking healing items.

You can also carry an extra shotgun or AR for a fallen ally before you resurrect them. This is clearly an exploit, though, and will be patched in the future.

For now, you can use it while the Fortnite team is on their holiday break.

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