Some Fortnite cosmetics come to the Item Shop and don’t return for very long intervals. These are all the cosmetics that haven’t appeared for over 100 days in Fortnite.

Epic Games now has a massive database of skins, back blings, and other cosmetics released for Fortnite. The list is actually staggeringly long and shows the immense effort Epic puts into its Item Shop microtransaction system.

While items do rotate through the store on a regular basis, some items keep getting rarer and rarer. Let’s look at a definite list of every cosmetic that hasn’t appeared in the Item Shop for over 100 days.

GrievousFN’s 100 Days List – June 2019

Every two weeks or so, @Grievous_FN creates an extensive listing of all cosmetics that have not appeared in Fortnite for over 100 days. The list includes everything from skins to back blings to emotes.

This type of list takes an immense amount of work in tracking and collecting information. If you want to show your support for the creator’s work, pop Grievous a follow on Twitter.

The image’s details can be a little hard to see, so you’ll have to zoom in on the chart using your browser’s zoom function.

Grievous has taken the time to split the skins into specific seasonal and event sections. This helps with finding some of the Christmas, Halloween, etc. skins.

So…damn…groovy – via Epic Games

This list is extremely useful for gauging the overall rarity of your Fortnite account. Depending on how many of these rare items you have, the value of your account could be astronomical. The theoretical prices of many skins are 5 to 10 times their original value.

Of course, the selling/buying of accounts is not recommended as there are a LOT of scammer out there trying to steal your stuff.

With that said, nothing is stopping you from using this list to brag to your friends about the worth of your account. “Hey, no big deal, but I own three of the rarest skins in Fortnite…by the way.”

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