Epic Games added an Arena Mode into Fortnite with update v8.20 which allowed players to compete with others along their skill level, and one fan came up with a creative idea to reward players for their placement.

The Arena Mode is a place for competitive players to test their skill along with having a mode that was created for people to train for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup.

Players can work their way through the ranks while playing on professional game settings, and possibly earn their spot in major tournaments for cash.

All players start in the Open League, Division One, and once they rank passed Division Seven by earning Hype points, they will be dropped into the Champion League.

Divisions One to Three are under the Open League, Four to Six will fall under the Contender League, and Division Seven is reserved for the best Fortnite players.

A fan on the FortniteBR subreddit had an idea to reward players with different styled gliders as a way for them to show off their placement within Fortnite’s Arena mode.

EASkate posted a graphic which showed off several gliders for different Leagues and Division.

IMG: /r/EASkate

The Open League umbrella would feature a basic silver glider for earning 25 points in Open League, Division 1.

Earning 25 points in Division 2 of Open League will gift players a cobalt blue glider, and Division 3 of Open League will have a reddish-pink and lime green umbrella gliders.

Division 4 will have a grey glider featuring a greenish-blue logo of the Contender league, while Divisions 5 and 6 are bronze and white, respectively.

Players who would reach the respected Champion League will be rewarded with a solid gold umbrella along with a golden weapon wrap.

Would you try to rank up higher in Fortnite’s Arena mode if it meant you would be rewarded with an exclusive glider?

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  1. oh great the 4th gold and black wrap for reaching div 7… we have golden scales, driftwood and gold and carbon… we dont need anymore gold wraps, and these umbrellas look like A S S


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