The Wild Card Skin featured in tomorrow’s High Stakes event, which launches beside Patch v5.40, may be of legendary status – at least according to Tencent’s gaming platform “Wegame”.

A Chinese Fortnite fan has pointed out that the store page for Fortnite on Chinese store “Wegame” actually claims that the upcoming Wild Card outfit will be legendary. Of course, many retailers could claim this but not actually know the status.

That may be true, however the site “Wegame” is actually owned by Tencent, and it is their version of Valve’s popular games platform Steam.

Tencent own a huge chunk of Epic Games – at least 40%, so it’s possible that this may actually be some form of confirmation.

The store page says as follows:


This translates to, according to the lovingly unreliable Google Translate:

We checked, and there is definitely some form of the word “Legendary” in that muddle of a translation. Hopefully, either Google Translate isn’t that wrong, or Wegames aren’t just assuming.

We don’t actually know whether or not the skin will be legendary, but as an event item we might have to assume that. The skin releases tomorrow as part of the High Stakes event when Patch v5.40 drops at 8AM GMT.

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Thank you to FortniteeLeaks for sharing the findings.