The Fortnite devs are throwing off their players with a new skin description for The Visitor on September 14 after The Scientist’s release, and people are scrambling to make sense of it.

When The Visitor first came to the Fortnite: Battle Royale island in Season 4, players were similarly confused as to how they would ultimately fit into the game’s winding story. But the release of The Scientist has given players a new clue.

It only took six seasons from The Visitor’s first appearance for Fortnite players to get the next piece of the puzzle for the mysterious character, which has opened the floodgates for new fan theories.

The Scientist’s (Code named: Visitor Volta) description reads “His mission is unknown. One of The Seven,” which is on par with a lot of mysterious text that Epic Games routinely delivers.

Mysterious Fortnite clues could signal a future event with The Seven.

But players noticed that The Visitor’s description similarly changed to read: “Intentions unknown. One of The Seven.” The blatant connection has led Fortnite theory-crafters on a mission to find how the two characters will figure into Season 10 or future iterations.

“Keep in mind ‘The Seven’ is capitalized as well, so it’s definitely a group he’s in called The Seven,” one Fortnite fan said. “I wonder if The Visitor is one of them as well? The Scientist could be the one kicking off the season 11-19 storyline how The Visitor was 3-10.”

While there are tons of questions revolving around the characters, there are still apparently five more members or iterations of The Seven and players are starting to question their true intentions.

“One is The Visitor, Second is The Scientist, we don’t know the other 5,” one user wrote.
“They’re most likely all from different dimensions trying to save their own.”

As some players believe the Rifts in Fortnite might have caused an interdimensional crisis, which might have led to The Seven to descend onto the battle royale island.

Image of Rune locations on Fortnite. Credit: getting_wooshed via Reddit

Other players also linked the various instances of elements that come in seven throughout the history of the game.

“The cube actually has 8 different runes,” one person said. “But he only printed 7, weird. In fact, most of the seasonal map changes are 7. 7 runes, 7 headstones, 7 pirate camps, 7 AIM Outposts… It is interesting for sure.”

There’s a lot of unanswered questions floating around, but Fortnite players are bound to crack the code as Epic Games introduces more clues into the game.

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