FaZe Tfue recently talked on his stream about the worst things added to Fortnite over the seasons and he inspired us to make a list of the most questionable things ever added to the game. 

Sometimes it’s an overpowered weapon and sometimes it’s a broken mechanic, but Epic has absolutely made some missteps along the way with the things it adds to the game.

Usually, they are vaulted pretty quickly after the community speaks up but there is usually something in the game that most people agree shouldn’t be there.

Of course, this is all my opinion and I welcome your suggestions in the comments below, but I don’t think the first weapon on this list will be very controversial: 

  1. Turret

The Turret is what caused Tfue to start thinking about the worst things added to the game over the years. “The turret is actually one of the dumbest things they’ve added in the game, no joke,” the FaZe star said. “What do you guys think? I think the turret is the worst thing they’ve added to this game. Easily.”

To Epic’s credit, they were quick to nerf, but changes to the turret’s health and availability weren’t enough. As I wrote this, Epic Design Lead Eric Williamson took to Twitter to announce further nerfs coming in v6.31. Ultimately, no nerfs may be enough and the turret will head to the great vault in the sky.

  1. Jetpack

Speaking of the great vault in the sky, the Jetpack is an item most people are happy is no longer in the game. The Jetpack was designed as a limited time item, apparently Epic knew just how strong it would end up being.

During its relatively short time in the game, the Jetpack was hotly contested and some people even wanted it to become permanent. No doubt it was fun to use but it was equally unfun to play against. While sniping gliding opponents is hard, hitting jetpacking players was even harder.

  1. Drum Gun

When the double pump was nerfed in Season Four, the Drum Gun took its place as the most casually OP weapon in the game. For months through the end of Season Four and throughout Season Five, the Drum Gun gave players headaches with its ability to tear through structures and health alike.

With a clip of 50 and a DPS over 200 for both the uncommon and rare variants, the Drum Gun was truly OP. Many people still clamor for the gun to come back but with its high drop rate and versatility, the game is better balanced with it gone.

  1. Original Boogie Bomb

For number two, we are heading all the way back to Season Two. The Boogie Bomb is still available in the game but has been nerfed so far it is practically useless. Players who began in 2018 won’t remember the feeling of helplessness when being hit by a Boogie Bomb in its original form.

A hit player was forced to dance for ten seconds and the effects weren’t broken by damage. So a typical hit by a boogie bomb went like this:

  • Start dancing
  • run frantically
  • get caught because you can’t build or defend yourself
  • get emoted on twice and blasted by a pump shotgun for 250 damage

The Boogie Bomb was supposed to be a fun and wacky inclusion in the game but was unbelievably OP. Epic quickly nerfed the time to five seconds but even that was way too long to go without being able to build or shoot and they put the break upon damage modification in. That made the item totally unusable. This is a great example of the fine line Epic has to walk between OP and unusable, between fun and competitive.

  1. Guided Missile

Number one on this list is a weapon Epic tried to make work twice and both times had to vault it. It was first introduced on March 14th, 2018 and was vaulted just over a month later on April 18th. That first version of the weapon took the already incredibly strong RPG and just allowed the player to control the rocket.

While it did move a bit slower, the ability to move the rocket made it so that drop in speed may have actually been a benefit as players could adjust it even more on the fly.

Nothing quite like building a structure and healing up before a rocket literally comes around the mountain from a player who was impossible to see and explodes everything. 

When the Guided Missile returned on July 31st it was nerfed a considerable amount but still was too strong. Guided Missile 2.0 saw the structure damage reduced from 1,100 (yup) to 400 and the player damage was reduced from slightly over 100 to the 70s for both versions of the gun.

These changes saw it last another couple months but it was vaulted – possibly for good – on November 1st. Like most things on this list, it was good for Reddit clips and streamer highlights but not for competitive balance.

Disagree? Did I forget something? Tell me in the comments below:

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