Since the Stormwing plane was added to Fortnite it has been the source of a lot of controversies.

Many players feel like it is too strong and Epic announced the second nerf to the plane on December 17th. The first nerf added 25 damage done to the pilot of a destroyed plane and the second nerf is increasing that number to 50.

Still, those nerfs don’t actually change how the plane is being used, but they may make players more cautious. For the people on this list, caution was not a consideration.

From snipes off the wing to innovate uses of the grappler, here are the top five Stormwing X-4 highlights since the plane was introduced:

#5: Toilet Trouble 

For what the resolution lacks, the play makes up. GankStars’ Logan hits a plane with a plunger to hilarious results.

#4: Flying High

This plane snipe into balloons shows /u/Black_Hawk3456’s commitment to aerial warfare.

I’ll never do anything this cool again from FortNiteBR

#3: Full Dead-Eye

Back when the planes were introduced, @BxltCharlie hit this 266m barrel-rolling snipe

#2: One Way to Win a Dogfight

Sniping someone on the ground is impressive, but @VicVicious426 went a step further with her snipe.

#1: GTA Takedown

Back on the first day of Season 7, TSM’s HighDistortion was one of the first players to take a plane midair.


While I’m sure I missed plenty of worthy clips, these are just some of the many highlights that have come from the planes.

Put your favorites down in the comments below.