The “Soaring 50’s” Limited Time Mode is back in commission after a month. Announced by Epic Games, the mode has returned to Fortnite once again for players to enjoy!

Soaring 50’s is a variant of the long-lasting 50v50 mode that has recently taken a large effect on Fortnite, sparking multiple different versions of it.

This version of 50v50 pits players against each other in two teams, as usual, however players who fall from large heights can now pull out their gliders.

There is also increased Launch Pad and Bounce Pad spawn rates in chests and on the floor. As is tradition with 50v50 Limited Time Modes, your K/D and win rate is not measured or added to your profile while playing.
Of course, this LTM will probably be replaced by tomorrow when the High Stakes event launches and the Getaway Limited Time Mode is released to the public. So, enjoy the Soaring 50’s mode while you can.
The High Stakes event was meant to start today, but has instead been delayed until tomorrow – so that’s probably why the “Soaring 50’s” mode has been activated for this short amount of time.