The common speculation surrounding the impending snowstorm off the coast of Flush Factory has revolved around A.I.M.

The mysterious skin that was unlocked through the Hunting Party challenges promises to play a key role in Season Seven’s storyline.

First, a loading screen showed A.I.M. at Flush Factory, seemingly plotting out a coming mission.

Now he has shown up in a true easter egg. The sound that is made when looking directly at the storm holds A.I.M.’s logo in the spectrogram.

Strange symbol found in the spectogram of the Snowstorm sound from FortNiteBR

It’s a very hidden clue that was found quickly after the patch went live, showing just how feverous the search for new info is in the Fortnite community.

A.I.M. is clearly tied to the snowstorm in some way. He appeared in Flush – the closest landfall from the storm, his hands and feet are frozen, and he has appeared prominently in loading screens.

The most recent loading screen has A.I.M. stalking in the shadows of the top left corner. While not front and center, it seems to fit the idea of his impending mission.

The player base is anxiously awaiting what winter will bring and we, along with most other Fortnite content places, have been doing our best to speculate.

While the increased focus on A.I.M. probably means Flush turning into Santa’s factory won’t be happening, something big is definitely in store.

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