With all the new changes to the map in Season 7, it can be hard to keep track of everything. 

The rock formation that is built like a human in Wailing Woods just seemed like a cool little spot, but now it could be doing something more.

At the start of the season the rock looked like it was gesturing during a conversation but now it looks more like the surprised emoji.

Reddit user PM_ME_YOUR_GRAPHICS_CARDS pointed out the change and surprised a lot of people.

idk if this has been talked about, but a formation of rocks inbetween tomato and wailing has been moving around from FortNiteBR

While that small change isn’t groundbreaking, it could be pointing to another change to come.

This could be a “Kevin the Cube” type of situation where the rock starts moving around the map.

It also could just be a small change and will stay in one location but change poses a couple more times.

That feels like it would almost be too easy for Epic and they probably have some sort of interesting story in the works.

With people now paying attention to the rock formation, we will be sure to get updates whenever something changes.

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