Fortnite Season 11 is on its way, but we haven’t seen any teasers for the new season. Here’s why.

We only have three days left before the Fortnite Season 10 event, which most fans assume will usher in a brand-new map and phase of the Fortnite plot. 

Using the past two seasons as a reference, Epic has released a teaser for the next season every day for four days leading up to it. By that logic, we should have had a teaser yesterday and today – but we didn’t see anything.

There are a couple of possible reasons why we haven’t seen anything official about Season 11 yet. Either we’re wrong about when it’s going to start, or Epic is keeping everything close to the vest.

The Season 11 Start Date

We’re all assuming that Fortnite Season 11 is going to begin as soon as the Season X event ends. Everything is pointing in that direction, from leaks to the fact that the Battle Pass ends on Sunday.

There are two reasons the Season 11 start date is impacting the number of teasers we’re getting ahead of the season. Reason one: we’re wrong about the start date. We could be completely mistaken about when Fortnite Season 11 is actually starting. It could end up starting next Thursday when most of the other seasons have begun.

The second reason is the most likely one: Epic is trying to surprise us. Epic isn’t going to alter their plans because data miners have found a list of new POIs in the game files. They are going to act like everything is normal before they pull the rug out from underneath us on Sunday.

Epic released the above video today, which reads a bit like a troll on their part. They know the community is longing for Season 11 information, so they give us this goofy animation instead.

At this point, anything short of a new map is going to be disappointing – that’s the unfortunate reality of being plugged into everything going on in a video game. The leaks could be mistaken or misleading, and we could wind up playing Season 11 on the same old map.

I don’t think this will happen, but we have to be prepared for it. Let us know your Season 11 predictions in the comments!

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